Workers Compensation

Ohio Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to help those who have suffered an injury, occupational disease, or death in the course and scope of their employment.

Claims are initially processed by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or, if the employer is self-insured, by the employer.

Oftentimes, injured workers only sustain minor injuries involving no lost time from work and are simply wanting to make sure that their medical bills are paid. Unfortunately though, many sustain injuries that are more serious involving time off of work and resulting in permanent disabilities. Ohio workers compensation provides many different types of benefits. One of the most common types of benefits is Temporary Total Disability (wage replacement) which is a benefit for those injured workers who have lost eight or more calendar days of work.

Injured workers may be eligible for Living Maintenance Wage Loss Compensation if they are involved in a Vocational Rehabilitation program in an attempt to return to work.

Wage Loss compensation is available for those injured workers who either a.) have restrictions and return to work other than their former position of employment but now receive less pay than they did at the time of injury or b.) cannot find work within their restrictions and are actively looking for work.

Permanent Total Disability benefits are available for those injured workers who cannot return to work in any capacity.

Permanent Partial Disability is available for those injured workers who have permanent injuries that are only partially disabling.

The above is simply an overview of some of the benefits available under the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Laws. Others include: Statutory Permanent Total Disability, Scheduled Loss Awards, Facial Disfigurement, Death Awards, and Violation of Specific Safety Requirement.

We can discuss these potential benefits at your consultation. Also, you may learn more at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s website at

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